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Breath Flute Release Packages

Breath Flute Pentagon

Here are links to ZIP files that contain the current (topmost) and prior releases of the Breath Flute Project:

Version 79, August 11, 2018

This is the first public release, and should be considered a “shakedown” version (i.e. alpha). I am releasing it to get feedback on issues that may crop up in the release process. Flutes from this release should perform well, but you should consider yourself an “early adopter” if you use this release — i.e. you will get experience printing Breath Flute headjoints, but you should also expect changes in the design to be released in the near term.

Clint's Slicer Settings

Version 75 Design

This section provides releases of Clint’s Slicer Settings — a package of settings for configuring the slicer software that converts 3D models in STL format to lower-level commands (e.g. G-code files) used by 3D printers or other fabrication hardware. The package is currently specific to Simplify3D slicer (S3D) version 4.0.1 and for specific printer and filament combinations. These are the profiles I have developed as part of the Breath Flute. Detailed documentation is also included in each package.

While these slicer settings were specifically designed for use with the Breath Flute project, the S3D profiles are appropriate for use as “core” profiles for general use.

Note that the package is covered by the license. These file are in the release packages of the Breath Flute Project after Version 79 (they were not ready in time for the Version 79 release, but are included in subsequent release packages).

Current Release

Fix the documentation — it was missing a few profile updates. No change in the profiles themselves, which still carry the stamp of 20180826.

Earlier Releases

Change name of the package to be more generic. Change nGen fan settings for improved bed adherence — gradually raise to 50% by layer 7 rather than jumping from 0 to 60% at layer 4. Change nGen to random start points. This release is now available as a stand-alone as well as being incorporated into future releases of the Breath Flute Project itself.

Release on for Simply3D v4.0.1 on the Prusa i3 Mk3 with PLA and nGen. PLA has 8 combinations of for Main and Tool components, each with 4 brim/skirt settings. nGen available for Main components with 4 brim/skirt settings.

Initial release of one .fff file for Simply3D v4.0.1 on the Prusa i3 Mk3 with PLA (High quality only).

Additional Resources

In addition to the downloads provided above, there are several additional resources hosted on this web site that may be useful.

Note that these resources are not covered by the license.

Clint's Simplify3D Settings Manual

Clint's Simplify3D Settings Manual

If you use Simplify3D as your slicer, you may get something from my Simplify3D Settings Manual (3.8 MB PDF).

Current Release

Clint's Simplify3D Settings Manual — 2019-02-21 (3.8 MB PDF) – S3D v4.1.1

Earlier Releases

Clint's Simplify3D Settings Manual — 2018-10-02 (3.7 MB PDF) – S3D v4.0.1

Clint's Simplify3D Settings Manual — 2018-05-08 (3.5 MB PDF) – S3D v4.0.1

Profile Comparison Package

If you use a Prusa i3 Mk3 printer with Simplify3D for a slicer, you might be interested in the Profiles Comparison Package (0.3 MB ZIP file).