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The Breath Flute Project

The Breath Flute is a wind instrument that lets players with little or no musical experience create deep, resonant music using only their breath. They are ideal for community music gatherings and can be used in music therapy, therapeutic music-making, and a wide range of personal breath practices such as yoga and meditation. Breath Flutes have no finger holes, so they are accessible to players with physical limitations.

The design inherits from musical instruments of many cultures, including the Australian didgeridoo, overtone flutes from Slovakia, and the Native American flute.

Most players with no musical experience can create music in the first few minutes and experience the physiological benefits associated with resonant breathing the first time they play the instrument.

The Instrument

Breath Flute Anatomy

Breath Flutes have a 5″ headjoint section combined with a 4′ long body tube. The headjoint can be 3D-printed using free, open-source software. The body tube can be as simple as a length of standard pipe and press-fits into the body tube.

The Breath Flute design is available in a free, open-source software package that has all the files you need to 3D-print Breath Flute headjoints. You can use them for yourself, for your music gatherings, and even offer them for sale without paying royalties. If you wish to customize the design, the distribution package has all the code as well as extensive documentation.

You may download, use, modify, and distribute the Breath Flute Project software under a permissive license designed to keep the software free and open. The license encourages anyone to improve the design and share their improvements with the community.


You can access everything related to the Breath Flute on this BreathFlute.com web site. For the full contents of the Breath Flute Project, you can Download the Distribution Package.

You can also directly access the latest versions of these documents:

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